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October 2018

Riverside students have been very busy this month already, with a wide range of creative art projects combining mixed media, sculpture, painting and sensory abstract art work.  I am very pleased with the way that some students have been able to engage with new materials and processes in a creative and experimental fashion.  On display below are a number of samples detailing great levels of focus and independence. 

September 2018

I am pleased to display a number of creative oversized art pieces produced by students from 1A, 1C and 1D.  The learners have been experimenting with new techniques and processes focusing upon bright colours and pattern.  Each piece of work has been produced with great levels of independence and enthusiasm.  The art work is currently being exhibited on display boards around the school corridors.

September 2018

Amazing creative effort made by all students who attended a range of art sessions.  In the last two weeks a number of students have experimented with paint, glitter, sculpture, pattern and stencilling.  We hope you enjoy the small collection on show highlighting creativity and hard work.


Unique arts award finalists

July 2018


Congratulations to all artists who were entered into the Unique arts award competition. I am pleased to announce that two students from Team 1 have been selected by the judging panel, who are now invited to the prize giving ceremony on the 29th October at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, Kensington.  Very well done. 

For more information please click HERE


Riverside School Prom

July 2018


Here we are again, prom time.  Big thanks to students from team 1 who  designed and created a number of alternative posters for the upcoming Riverside Prom.



Chill out tent

June 2018

Big congratulations to Riverside students from all three teams who were able to contribute their creative paintings to the chill out tent used by many students during another very successful sports day.  Well done to all staff involved and in particular to Michelle for her superb organisation and motivation during the day.


Entry Level Moderation

June 2018

Big congratulations to students from team one who successfully completed course work for their Entry level exam.  The visiting moderator was very impressed by the student’s efforts and creativity.  This recent assessment of work celebrated Riverside student’s ability to create both traditional illustration and three dimensional construction.



Royal Wedding Portraits (Harry & Megan)

May 2018

 Congratulations to Harry and Meghan on their upcoming royal wedding.  A number of students from both team one and two celebrated the big day with bursts of creativity and skill, with their versions of a royal portraiture.  A very colourful likeness as you’d agree. 


Unique Arts Award Cadidates

May 2018

It is Unique Arts Award time again.  Below are a number of Riverside student’s work which has been entered into this creative competition.  This year we have broadened our experimentation, with entry into both the poetry and photography categories.  The very best of luck to you all.


Artwork produced during creative arts week.

April 2018

Big congratulations to Class group 1A and 3D who received the top two prizes for their creativity at the recent art based assembly.  Big thanks to Stacy for her infectious creative enthusiasm.  A range of art produced during this active whole school assembly are shown below.



Riverside Art Exhibition.

March 2018

Congratulations to all the Riverside students who participated in the various art sessions during the last two weeks.  As a result of the hard work 8 excellent oversized paintings were produced.  All paintings are currently being exhibited in the Pavilion Cafe at Albert Road Recreational Ground.  Please feel free to head down that way, enjoy the park, a coffee and be moved by the colourful efforts of Woodside, Waverley, Team Spirit and Riverside artists


 Fourth Plinth Submission

March 2018

Congratulation to Keir for completing such an outstanding figurative sculpture.  After many weeks of construction, joining techniques and colouring, Keir was able to add the finishing touches to his creation.  I am very impressed by his focus and commitment creating this life sized three-dimensional piece.  The completed work was photographed and submitted to the 4th Plinth schools award.  A London based competition encouraging children to create art, to be suitably displayed upon the fourth plinth at Trafalgar square.  It is hoped that Keir's work will be praised similarly to our previous winner Kyle, who received a second place in this very competition last year.  All the best Keir, and good luck with the Judging process. Work can now be viewed in the gallery on the Mayor of London website.

Art exhibition

March 2018.

A big thanks to the vast number of class groups involved in the creative process which occurred during the previous three weeks.  As a result of hard work and experimentation, four oversized pieces of art work have been created and are ready for transportation to the exhibition space at the Albert Road Recreational Park.  The work will be displayed on Tuesday 14th March and will be available for viewing for the next 4 to 6 weeks.  Please feel free to visit and enjoy the student’s artistic talents.


Woodside and Riverside Art project

March 2018

A big thank you to Alison Preston who came onboard with the Albert Road Recreation Park Art Project.  Alison is the art teacher in Woodside who brought over three year 8 students to work alongside myself and three students from class 1A.  All students were able to interact favourably with each other combining their artistic talents in the production of an oversized art work shown below.  I am very pleased with the maturity and concentration employed during the art session; all students enjoyed the upbeat, positive, experimental session.  This oversized painting will be forwarded to the Albert Road Recreational Park very soon.  I am pleased that both Woodside and Riverside students had this opportunity to liaise and create a very expressive painting.


World Book Day

March 2018


It is with great pleasure that I upload the latest artistic efforts carried out by our Riverside students.  Three groups worked together to create this oversized sculpture to celebrate World Book Day.  The students from 1e, 2e and 3a were able to engage with a range of materials favourably and master a number of joining techniques.  The finished work is being displayed at WHSmith store in Wood Green for the next month.  A big thank you to Mojca Volavsek for liaising with the store and encouraging our students to get involved with this exciting art project.


Art Exhibition - Albert Recreational Park.

February 2018



Four oversized paintings have been completed by various class groups in preparation for next months Art exhibition to be staged at Albert Recreational Park at Bounds Green.  The theme for the exhibition centres upon the many sporting activities and natural beauty contained within the park.  Below are a number of brief samples of the students various colour choices, application techniques and dedication to pattern.  As well as the work shown below by Riverside students, other works will be shown at the exhibition by students from Team Spirit, Woodside and Waverley School.



Residential to Hampshire - Flat Spaces.

February 2018



I am pleased to display images taken at our most recent residential trip.  Two students from Riverside school were invited to a four-night stay in a purpose built bungalow to enjoy the sleepy surrounding area of Hampshire as well as engage with a number of art based activities organised by Tom Yodell of Flatspaces/Unique Arts Award.

The group attending were able to enjoy a number of local attractions such as Bird and underwater world, forest parks and Ropley railway station.  All members of the group were able to practice their art skills with both illustration and craft based activities with support from local artist in resident, Catherine Cook.(www.thecatherinegallery.co.uk)



Certficate of participation from the International Owl Competition

January 2018



 I am pleased to announce a large number of students from a range of class groups were presented with personalised certificates from the International Festival of Owls art competition.  The overall judging of the art work will take place in March and prizes issued thereafter.  Good luck all Riverside students.


It is with great delight that we display our correspondence with her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth.  One of our Key stage 4 groups was fortunate to receive the below letter and anniversary souvenir for their hard work and artistic excellence.  
The students, who are currently upon an art adventure working their way through the entry level art and design exam, produced the paintings shown below in regard to their interest in popular culture and portraiture.  The students were able to create a good likeness of the famous couple as well as introduce personalised colouring making all images unique.

December 2017




Letter from the Queen to Barry and his Class, Riverside School




Congratulations to Harold Hudson who was presented with a bronze award at the recent Unique Arts Award Prize giving ceremony held at the Capthorne Tara Hotel, Kensington. 

Harold was presented with a certificate detailing his achievement, an arts material voucher and a collection of art based materials so that he can continue his expressive and creative art production.

Well done Harold. http://www.uniqueartawards.uk/

(November 2017)

Riverside students from all three teams submitted samples of work to the annual International Owl art competition, to be judged next March in Houston Texas.  The students were able to listen and study the different breeds of owl, select their favourite and then created a painting of its likeness. 

(December 2017)



Below is a sample of work that was submitted recently to the NHS Trust Art Competition


A huge thank you to schools for their brilliant work campaigning for refugee families

Thank you so much to all the schools and young people involved in producing the wonderful and moving artwork that was displayed at Glastonbury. This year the murals were displayed both in the hospitality area where they were admired by celebrities, journalists and musicians themselves - and also many were on display at the Park Stage area, either side of the stage where they were seen by thousands everyday - the weather held out and they really made an impact in the sunshine. 

The vibrant hand-made artworks really set the tone for a campaign that was up and running in its second year - already engaging communities up and down the country. Glastonbury is above all a festival of contemporary performing arts - the perfect place for the moving combination of art and activism seen in the murals.

It was the most politically charged Glasto we’ve seen in recent years, and the atmosphere of activism and desire for a new politics was palpable in the air, with visits from politicians and on stage speeches from CND and others.

The Stand as One campaign met a very welcome reception - it was an easy conversation that campaigners had with members of the public - getting them to sign up to take the postcard protest action, asking for MPs to change the rules on family reunion; to make it easier for refugees to be reunited with their loved ones.


Harold has been shortlisted for a unique arts award with his castle sculpture. Prize giving ceremony is scheduled for Monday 20th November.  


Glastonbury Festival 2017
Schools Art Project – The Brief
Oxfam and the Glastonbury Festival invite schools to participate in an exciting art project.

The world famous Glastonbury Festival, headlined this year by Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran, takes place on Worthy Farm between 21-25 June 2017.
Heras fencing is used across the festival site. Usually the fence panels are simply dressed with hessian or plastic sheeting. However in some areas, such as the interstage zone, these panels are colourfully embellished or decorated.

We’re looking for 20 schools with budding artists to decorate one fence panel each for the interstage zone, where artists and guests move between the festival’s main stages.

Technical specifications:
 The panels are made from hessian fabric and measure 3.5m x 2m (ie: they’re big!)
 They should be painted using Johnstone’s emulsion paints and/or embellished with sewn items
 The design should reflect Oxfam’s festival campaign theme of Stand as One with families separated by disaster and conflict. The attached briefing explains the theme, which schools are invited to explore creatively and imaginatively.
 Designs should incorporate the Oxfam logo and may include your school’s name and/or logo.
The decorated panels from Glastonbury 2016 on show at Oxfam House.
Photo: Oxfam GB.

Who’s invited?
We’re inviting schools who have worked on the Youth Ambassadors, SFYouth and FYS Forums projects, along with partner schools in England, Wales and Scotland, to participate.

What’s next?
 Participating schools must undertake to return completed panels to Oxfam by Monday 29 May 2017. We suggest students are supported by a specialist art teacher.

 Oxfam will deliver panels to the first 20 schools who reply to this invitation. Please email John McLaverty at jmclaverty@oxfam.org.uk if you wish to take part.
 Schools are responsible for the cost of returning panels to Oxfam and art materials
 Oxfam will provide additional support and guidance to participating schools. John McLaverty is happy to answer any queries you have.


Riverside’s efforts which will be forwarded to the Unique Arts Award competition 2017


Tyler from class 1B has produced very pleasing work to date in the art room.  This week (24th May 2017) he was introduced to the abstract paintings of Paul Cobley.  Tyler was able to observe Cobley’s style and emulate his use of bold colours with line experimentation.  Tyler was able to use a range of circular blocks colours to produce the art piece for display.  Tyler’s work is produced completely independently, displaying his passion for art and in particular painting using alternative approaches.  I’m very pleased with his efforts and positive attitude during art sessions.


The Fourth Plinth Programme is the UK’s most talked about contemporary sculpture prize. Funded by the Mayor of London and supported by Arts Council England, it invites world class artists to create new works for display in Trafalgar Square.

Each year, London schools are invited to enter the Fourth Plinth Schools Awards. The awards give children a chance to get involved with public art and offer new views of London.

The Fourth Plinth Schools Awards 2017 is now closed.

Every year we invite London’s primary and secondary schoolchildren to create artworks, inspired by the commissions for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and London life.

We hope you and your students can join us on Thursday 27 April for the Fourth Plinth Schools Awards ceremony at City Hall. It’s also a chance to see the exhibition. If you’re planning to come to the event, here’s all the info you need.


A number of classes produced work revolving around 'Freedom and shape'.  Of these, the art teacher selected 19 pieces of work to forward to the Fourth Plinth Competition.  The judging panel displayed their work on the official Mayor of London website, shown below.  (Even though it states submissions from Woodside school, it is very much Riverside student's efforts)

Cyle has been shortlisted for the award ceremony with his

work entitled ‘Self Portrait’.

Unfortunately Cyle was unable to attend the award ceremony due to other commitments.  We are waiting to receive his award from the 4th plinth panel, when we will then present him during certificate assembly.